How to get to us

How to get to us

How to get to us

Sustainable environmentally-friendly travel start with the journey to your destination: Albania is easy to reach from Western Europe by train, bus and/or ferry across the Adriatic. Why not go out by ferry and back overland, or vice versa? You will see some remarkable scenery on the way!

• Travel overland by train via Belgrade to Podgorica in Montenegro. There are no passenger trains into Albania but buses link Podgorica with Tirana once or twice a day. Or you travel by bus to Shkoder and check out the train connection from there to Tirana. You can also take a train to Skopje or Gostivar in Macedonia and take a bus from there to Tirana. There are also long distance coaches to Tirana from a number of German cities.

• Take a train to the Italian ports in Bari or Ancona and sail to Durrës in Albania by overnight ferry: Various ferry operators offer daily services from Bari to Durres. Adriaferries also connects Ancona with Durres. Train services between Durrës and Tirana are currently not suspended and there is also a direct bus to Tirana from the Durrës Bus Terminal which is within walking distance from the port.

There are direct flights to Tirana International Airport (TIA) from many European cities, including Munich, Frankfurt/Main, London and Vienna. You can also fly to Pristina International Airport (PRN) Pristina and take one of the several daily direct bus connections from Pristina bus station to Tirana (about € 15). There is no public transport to connect the airport with the city, but you find taxis outside the airport to take you to the bus terminal.


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