Travel Experience Honey Trail

Travel Experience Honey Trail

Travel Experience Honey Trail

The Honey Trail is a travel experience that explores Albania’s long tradition of beekeeping. Along the way, you discover the country’s rich culture and stunning natural beauty that provides such excellent conditions for beekeeping, as well as Albania’s hospitality: Opportunities to meet local people and tap into their way of life and knowledge make the Honey Trail such a culturally immersive experience.

Highlights along the Honey Trail

The bees: Learn about the Albanian beekeeping tradition and practices and the wealth of bee forage in the country that Aristotle already emphasized. Taste different honey specialties, like mjalt mare or chestnut honey. Visit beekeepers and experience the journey from bees to bottle and other bee products such as propolis first-hand.

The cuisine: Discover Albania's culinary treasures - ‘petanik’, a bean pie of Korça; qingj në hell, skewered lamb of the Labëria area and typical food ‘me mjaltë’ (with honey) like Shendetlie, a honey and nut cake. Take a cooking class along the way, enjoy a picnic in the mountains and experience Albania’s raki and indigenous wines at a historic winery.

The people: Meet the people who are at the heart of the Honey Trail - beekeepers who share their love for the craft of beekeeping, farmers who offer an insight into their organic farming practices, rangers who show you the wild flowers, herbs and trees that make the Albanian honey so special, or the chef who happily imparts the secrets of traditional and modern Albanian cuisine.


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