Welcome to the Honey Trail!

The love for honey in Albania goes back to Illyrian times. Already Aristotle praised the wealth of bee forage in Albania and the honey that the Illyrians  turned into wine back then.

While the recipe of the Illyrian honey wine has long disappeared, the Honey Trail offers you an equally sweet Albanian experience. It takes you on a journey to explore Albania’s long tradition of beekeeping. Along the way, you discover the country’s rich culture and stunning natural beauty, that provides such excellent conditions for beekeeping, as well as Albania’s hospitality: Meeting and connecting with local people is at the heart of the Honey Trail - it's these opportunities to tap into local insights that make the Honey Trail such a culturally immersive experience.

Put together by local experts in one socially and ecologically mindful package, the Honey Trail provides a unique perspective on Albania and its people while at the same time supporting rural beekeepers and sustainable beekeeping in Albania.

The Honey Trail: Close to the buzz, far from the crowd…


Telephone: +49 176 40330762
E-Mail: Info@beealbania.org

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