Albania’s passengers on the Ark of Taste: Strawberry Honey and more

Albania’s passengers on the Ark of Taste: Strawberry Honey and more

The Ark of Taste is an international project maintained by the global Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity which collects endangered heritage food products around the globe.  Albania has added more than 40 'passengers' to the Ark, including the strawberry tree honey.  The strawberry tree is flowering in late fall. Its Latin name  Arbutus unedo reveals all about its key characteristics: The Celtic „Ar” meaning “sour”, „butus” like the bush and finally „unedo”, which stems from the Latin „unum edo” and means „I only eat one”.

The strawberry tree honey or also called Arbutus honey has a very strong bitter flavor that is loved by gourmets worldwide - Arbutus honey goes very well with cheese. In Albania, the Arbutus honey is called „Malte mjare“ and since generations it is produced from October to November in der region of Përmet: The Vjosa Valley is one of the few areas in the country where the strawberry tree is widespread.  By the way, there is also an unusual raki made from the fruit of the strawberry tree

For an overview of all Albanian products listed in the Ark of Taste, click on the picture below:

Screenshot der Webseite der Slow Food Foundation

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