Armbruster Beekeeping School 2020 – Discovering the North of Albania

Armbruster Beekeeping School 2020 – Discovering the North of Albania

Imker in Lezha
Beehive inspection in Lezha, a region that is well-known for its sage honey                                    © Honey Trail

Last year, we had the pleasure to welcome the Armbruster Beekeeping School with a group on a tour to the South of Albania. We are thrilled to announce that they will be back next year! The travel dates are from August, 29 - September, 6 2020 and planning of the itinerary is in full swing.

This time, the journey will take the group to the North of Albania: We will visit beekeepers in Shkodra, Lezha, Puka and Tropoja. The chestnut massif in the mountainous North is the largest of the Balkans, and the deliciously intense Chestnut Honey from Tropoja has been recognized last year as a unique Albanian trademark. Along the way, we go birdwatching on the Lake Shkodra, get an insight into Albania's weaving tradition in a small village close to Montenegro, enjoy one of the world's most beatiful ferry rides on Lake Koman, get to know the country's Slow-Food movement, go hiking in Albania's first UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sight, visit Vitor Shahinaj in Puka for a taste of the traditional Çiftelia and trace the Illyrian history on the island of Shurdhah, to name just a few of the destinations during the trip.





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