Honey Trail 2018: Planning is in full swing!

Honey Trail 2018: Planning is in full swing!

Sondor Travel team
The marvelous Honey Trail team of Sondor Travel: Dorien and Nardi (missing here is Taulant) discuss the best Honey Trail itineraries.  

The planning for the 2018 Honey Trail is in full swing!

We are very happy to offer two Honey Trail tours next year. Starting from Tirana, one will explore the North of Albania while the second tour will discover the South of the country:

 In May / June, the Honey Trail takes us to the Lezha region, renowned for its sage and heather honey. We continue to Shkoder and, following some first class birdwatching head towards the Albanian Alps.  Tropojë is our destination with its vast chestnut forests, famous chestnut honey and near the Gashi river which recently received UNESCO protection as an extension of the World Heritage site of the Primeval Beech Forests.

In early October, the Honey Trail leads us to Albania's three key honey regions: Korça, Përmet in the heart of the Vjosa Valley, one of the last intact large river systems in Europe and Llogara-Palasë with spectacular vistas along the Albanian Riviera. On the way, we visit the national parks of Butrint, Llogara and Fir of Hotova and delve into Albania's ancient history, visiting historic places such as Gjirokastra  or the ruins of Butrint.

In addition, we offer tailor-made Honey Trail tours: You are a group of min. 5 persons - friends, hobby beekeepers or professional apiarists - and want to discover Albania long tradition of beekeeping? We will be happy to prepare a unique Honey Trail experience for you.

We will finalise and publish the Honey Trail 2018 tour details in early November. Watch out for more information and our early bee rates here and on our Facebook page.

We look forward to welcoming you on the Honey Trail in 2018!

4 thoughts on “Honey Trail 2018: Planning is in full swing!

    1. Thank you so much – we are very happy to hear that you like the Honey Trail! Be sure to let us know if you need further information.

  1. I recently bought a large pot of blue honey in Sarandë market. I did not have a chance to ask the seller where it was from or what plant made it blue/purple. Taste delicious mind. Any clues?

    1. Dear David,
      thank you very much for your message! We checked with the head of the Albanian Beekeepers Association, however, were not able to track down the seller. There are many theories why purple honey appears: Some say it derives from the type of flowers (e.g. the Kudzu plant) bees use for forage, or varying mineral content of the soil in which the flowers in the area grow. But so far, none of the theories are scientifically proven. Purple honey is quite hard to come by but renowned for its a wonderful taste and we are happy you found this treasure in the market!
      Warm regards
      Susanne – Honey Trail team

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